Roller Blinds

With its versatility and manageability, roller blinds are among the most popular window covering options on the market. They come in a wide range of textures, colours, and fabrics. 

Linda the Curtain Lady can provide a variety of choices for your blinds. Choose from a wide range of Australian Made and imported fabrics that will surely complement any window type. Roller blinds come in different types to suit your need, whether it be translucent, Sheer, Light Filtering or blockout. All the while being great looking, affordable, and practical.

We can also show you a range of patterned and even custom printed fabrics. 

Our custom-made roller blinds are of the highest standard, whilst being an affordable window treatment.

We take pride in the fact that we can manufacture as many products as we can, locally right here in Perth. Meaning we can produce a high quality product, and support family owned Perth businesses doing what they do best.

And because we are in the business of providing a custom solution for our clients, we can choose from any current brand of fabric or hardware you have seen. We love selecting from well-known brands like Acmeda, Somfy, Ziptrack for Indoors to name a few, which we can then help you come up with the right solution for your home.

From the standard bracket system, the Slim dual bracket system, the motorised system, the linked roller blind system, the one-touch system, all our roller blinds employ stainless steel chains of high-grade materials. And if you don’t want a chain, why not ask about the Precision Lift Cordless Soluna Roller Shade by Norman Australia! It is an amazing product now available in Australia, with one touch lift technology for quick and accurate control. Raise and lower easily with little effort and no chains. Perfect for the low kitchen windows we see a lot of now in our new builds, under the upper kitchen cabinets.

Roller blinds have fantastic practicality, and versatility, it should be no surprise that Linda the Curtain Lady’s Custom roller blinds are popular choice for all types of homes.


Thanks to motorisation, blinds have been brought to a new level of functionality, convenience, and sophistication. Today, motorisation is no longer considered a luxury in the market but an affordable must have in everyday modern homes.

Our Western Australian made blinds have earned a fantastic reputation for quality and reliability in the industry with motorisation playing a significantly major role in it. With blind motorisation technology, you can now have our fully automated motorisation products throughout your existing or newly built home.

Our favourite brand to use is Rollease Acmeda. We can automate rollers, curtains, outdoor Zipscreens all on the same remotes, or WiFi integrations.

And of course, integration with Alexa and Google is available for everybody on all of the brands we use, like Somfey, Acmeda, Motolux and more. App control features via a Wifi Hub is affordable and a great addition to every home.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are an elegant option to the minimalistic roller blinds. Linda the Curtain Lady offers a range of different types of Roman Blinds. From a single layer Roman using the same fabrics as your Roller Blinds, to soft fold fabric or even sheer fold Romans to match your curtains. Cord, Chain, Battery or Hard Wired motorisation is available on all types of Romans.

Roman blinds are ideal for both modern and character homes. Our Roman blinds ideally fuse functionality and style as they come available in various colours and fabrics. You may choose to have your blinds fitted inside your window if you want minimal light or you may have them outside the window recess if you want to show off an existing architrave.Because they give your windows a clear view when fully opened and privacy when drawn, Roman blinds present a sleek contemporary look that is perfect for modern décor.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are a smart choice in window treatments. They are simple yet elegantly stylish, and available in a variety of different type. We have both the 16mm & 25mm Aluminium, 50mm & 63mm Timber and bathroom friendly PVC, all locally made by our small family-owned manufacturers right here in Perth.

Our venetian blinds offer a flexible approach in terms of covering your windows in style, allowing light to be easily controlled while at the same time providing good visibility. They are a cost effective alternative to Plantation Shutters.

Extremely versatile and easy to operate, the Perth made venetian blinds systems are available in a wide range of colours, designs, and styles, ensuring that every need of every client is fully met and satisfied.

Panel Blinds

Panel blinds present a modern practical option to the age old favourite, the vertical blind. Whilst the new verticals we sell are slimmer, easier to use, and don’t have those annoying cords on the bottom, we love these new upgraded alternatives.

Our favourite place to use these is in a laundry, where you can slide them open from one side, to keep that laundry door cracked open for ventilation. Our Panels come with a slim 3 or 6 Channel track, that only takes up a maximum of 6cm of space.

Any fabrics that can be used for rollers, are also available in a Panel Blind. Blockout, light filtering or even the sunscreen fabrics can be used. By stacking left or right, you don’t have a banging roller blind over an open door.